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The Doors for the 2020s

For decades, the rock group The Doors has continued to attract fans young and old through their music and their charismatic front-man Jim Morrison. Since 1967 there have been hundreds of books, multiple feature films, thousands of magazine articles, and yet they only released six albums! What is it that brings generation after generation of fans to The Doors? Find out yourself with The! It’s your Doors companion for the 2020s.

Curated by David Dutkowski, The Doors official archivist for over 20 years, brings you insights, behind-the-scenes information and research that could only come from someone within the Doors' Inner Circle.



Featured Articles - Exclusive in-depth articles on The Doors you won't find anywhere else. New articles monthly.

Classic Quotes - Who can tell the stories better than those who were actually there? These classic quotes from The Doors as well as others who were there bring you right back to 1967.

Today in Doors History - You will learn something new here every day. Includes all Doors concerts and events you would expect, but also all events in the Doors member's solo careers through today, many of which have never been published online.

Famous Doors Locations - Want to visit famous Doors sites when you visit Los Angeles. San Francisco, New York or Paris? The has you covered.

Doors Lyrics - There are quite a few sites that have Doors lyrics. All of them have mistakes and omissions. This is your one-stop-shop for the lyrics of all Doors albums, plus the two albums The Doors released after Jim passed away.

Concert Reviews - Exclusive to The First-person concert reviews from people who actually saw The Doors perform live!


The Only Doors App You’ll Ever Need

Whether you’re a life-long fan of The Doors, or you recently discovered the band after going through your mom and dad’s record collection, this is the app for you! Learn everything from basic information about the band, to stories and anecdotes that have never been published.