From the time he was a young boy in Albuquerque, NM, through his time with The Doors, Jim loved putting people in awkward situations to see how they would react. If you were a part of Jim’s life, it was just a matter of time before you became the unwitting victim.

A perfect example occurred when Jim was a senior at George Washington High School in Alexandria, VA. He decided to start the school day off by purposely going to the wrong classroom. He sat down in the front row, and when the teacher asked him why he was there, Jim just stared blankly in silence. After continuous questioning and getting zero response from Jim, the teacher decides to go down to the principal’s office to get help. The principal comes into the room, again questioning Jim, asking what was going on, asking if he was ok, and getting no response. He puts his hand on Jim’s shoulder, at which point Jim acts as if jolted out of his trance, saying, “Oh my God! Where am I? Who are you people? How did I get here?” No doubt Jim had planned this well in advance and went home that day very satisfied with himself.

Fast-forward a few years to Florida State University. Jim and a few friends are hitchhiking in the rain. A car pulls over to pick them up. Jim runs up to the car, looks inside, shakes his head, and says, “This just won’t do. We’ll wait for the next guy”. The driver, looking very confused, drives off. Jim’s friends are fuming since they are all getting soaked in the rain. A while later, the next car pulls over, and Jim says to his friends, “I’ll handle this. Let me go talk to him first. Don’t worry. We’ll get this one!” Jim runs up to the car, the driver rolls down the window, and they start talking. Five minutes later, as his friends look on, the car again drives away. Jim walks back to his friends and tells them, “He just wasn’t intelligent enough. The ride would have been way too boring!” After that, Jim’s friends would not let him talk to the cars as they pulled over and they got a ride soon after.

Another story from FSU occurred when Jim and his friends went to the Homecoming football game and formal dance. It was a requirement to wear a tie to get into the dance. Jim rarely, if ever, wore a tie. When it was time to go to the game, Jim came out of his room wearing a tie that had a knot the size of a baseball, with only a few inches of the tie visible under it. His friends wondered if Jim didn’t know how to properly tie a tie and asked if he needed help with it. “No, man!” Jim declared. “This is a Malibu Surfer’s Knot!” Jim and his friends went to the football game, with everyone there doing double-takes at the size of Jim’s tie knot.

Stories like this make you wonder if what happened in New Haven or even in Miami were just a part of Jim’s mischievous side, planned out in his head well in advance to test the people around him? Was he “testing the bounds of reality”? Only Jim knows for sure.


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